Don't settle for anything less..


Are you aware that you can now have solid level hardwood flooring installed within marquees?. 

In our vast experience, you need to ensure your supplier installs the wooden boards ontop of a steel sub structure framework, as in the image below. This is the only way of ensuring your marquee is level and the boards don't move as your guests walk over them.


Floors Sub Structure


Once fully completed your flooring will be ready for your furniture to be placed, and can be used as a base for dancing, without the need to hire additional dance floors.





If you prefer a softer feel to your venue or a pristine surface, we can install brand new carpet, usually ontop of our innovative hardwood flooring system, in the following colors. Being an environmentally conscious company, we only use carpet which can be 100% recycled.

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I'm afriad my garden isn't level..


Do you know marquees can now be installed on uneven surfaces? If you have a particualry challanging site we're still able to install a venue for you.

When looking around, enquire as to how your supplier is to elevate the marquee, if they're using pallets or bricks, keep searching. Where we need to raise our venues to guarentee a level surface, we'll only use structurally calculated Floorstak coloums*.

 IMG 20180905 WA0000

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 I only require basic flooring..


Matting is an ideal floor covering for the most cost effective purposes as it's easy to install. We only lay this product on grass as we need to ensure it's sufficiently nailed into place.

Screen Shot 2018 03 23 at 14.29.59 

Screen Shot 2018 03 23 at 14.02.06